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CITRULLUS LANATUS | Melon Benefits In Summer | Can We Eat Melon For Losse weight


Hi guys I am Himanshu today, I will tell you about watermelon benefits and other things because this fruit is very important for every human being.

 this fruit is no any disadvantages for any person if you are a human being. so you can consume this fruit very easily that fruit also in reasonable prices in all over world. what is the meaning of CITRULLUS LANATUS.

this is the medical name of watermelon some Switzerland scientist or doctors research, with watermelon and they find the name was CITRULLUS LANATUS.

this fruit is lot of protein. lot of water and with full of benefits today I will tell you all the history of watermelon.

 because I am a fitness free if you want to be fitness free so you can read my all post from my website because, I know everything about fitness so you also can contact me but now our topic is watermelon why is important for our health and can we eat watermelon in pregnancy we will discuss about it.

 You know that 90% people loved watermelon in 90% 60% people eat watermelon daily in summers because this is good for health in summers our body release lot of sweating.

 and watermelon increase your water level in hundred grams watermelon have 16% calories only so we also can eat this fruit for losing weight.


Watermelon is good for pregnancy?

Watermelon is very good for pregnancy because watermelon have too much protein vitamin a Vitamin c vitamin B6 and watermelon increase your immunity level.

 this fruit also clear your kidneys and increase the output of your body, like urine if you eat watermelon in pregnancy so your child was very hydrated in summers with no lack of Nutrition.

 because watermelon also have too much protein irons and 0.2% this is very good in Summer pregnant women must take this fruit in your meal but also advise from your doctor.

 because if you have a another problem in your body so it's small risks so you also advise with your doctor so you can apply this following steps.

Keep hydrated

In one watermelon 90% of water this is very good for health. because in summers we need water some hours again and again if we eat watermelon so we don't need water for 4 to 5 hours,

because watermelon have 90% of water if one person eat full watermelon so no need  water for some hours

Keep your heart healthy

Yes this is very right myth and fact doctor always recommend you to eat watermelon. in her disease because watermelon purify your blood vessels and all the bacteria that's why doctor include watermelon in your mail.

 if you are a heart patient and watermelon have only 16 calories so no need to worry about weight inverter melon we have Vitamin c vitamin a and Vitamin B6 this is all are important for heart

Watermelon for muscles

Yes watermelon is benefit for muscular bodybuilder. if you take too much weight in gym so you must drink watermelon juice because they have a lot of protein 2 grams.

 of protein in 100 grams only so you can show that one more watermelon weight is 1 to 3 kg so you got 200 grams protein, this is very good for gym rates that's why I include this point in our article because too much people.

 go to gym and lift too much weight and they want us some special diet if you include watermelon diet so I granted  you got some results

Control blood pressure

Watermelon also control BP because watermelon help to clean all the blood vessels and bacteria in our body. because water clean our body and the watermelon was natural water we get from environment and nature,

 that's why this is good for your health in 100 grams of watermelon only 0.2 fat. this is very amazing so you can imagine that,

how it's good for our health in hundred grams of watermelon also include 1% iron and this is good for our health and blood pressure and heart problems

Improves skin and hair health

Yes because melon have those vitamin

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin c
  • Vitamin B6

And all the vitamins are good for our skin health.

How much protein or calories in 1 watermelon

  • 16 calories
  • 3 Grams of carbohydrates
  • 0.2 grams fiber
  • 2 grams protein
  • 0.2 fat 


  • IRON

Can We Eat Watermelon For WeighLose 

Yes we can eat watermelon in lose weight watermelon juice are very important for losing weight. if you did not know. how to make watermelon juice show i will tell you in next topic,

 but now i will tell you how to lose weight for watermelon. what is the points. Watermelon have 0.2 calories so we can eat watermelon i really without any issues in our diet

How to make water melon juice for weight lose?

You wanna make watermelon juice. 

Get the melon and a knife cut half water melon and mashed with any resources like knife etc. After the mashed so dip the straw and enjoy your juice that is very easy process for making juice.


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