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Why Guava Is best for Health | Can We Eat Guava For losing Weight


Hey guys I am Himanshu today I will tell you how we lose weight with eating Guava? Guys Guava have too much Nutrition And 0% Fat because this is not very high juicy. 

So we can use the Guava In Our Weight Lose meal. Too much people have a big problem the name was What we do for Losing Weight . Guava contain Vitamin C & Vitamin E.

Can We Eat Guava For losing Weight 

see guys losing weight is not very very difficult it's easy If you have a good diet plan. I am a gym trainer and fitness freak if you want diet plan so I will help you. You all guys also can  message me at my gmail you got in contact us page without any problem.

 Now I will tell you, can we eat Guava 3 times in day yes you can eat 3 times in a day but Guava have too much advantage and disadvantage as you know everything is not based only on Advantage. Every item have our advantage and disadvantages. So I will also describe you what is the benefits and what is the disadvantages of Guava.

GUAVA Also Have some protein (Nutrition)

  1.  iron 
  2. calcium
  3. Vitamin A
  4. Potassium

Nutrition Per Saving

one Whole Guava Contains'

  •  Protein- 1 grams
  •  sugar- 5 grams
  • carbohydrate- 8 grams
  • sodium- 1 milligrams
  •  cholesterol- 0 milligrams
  • Fiber- 3 grams

This every things Guava Contains. This is very good things this fruit have 0% Cholesterol & 10% Protein. This is very amazing fruit if you wanna lose your weight so you please eat Guava because this Very Healthy For you.

DefinitionGuava Is a Tropical Fruits that Grows in Dry or humid  Heat.

Benefits of Guava

Guava have too much benefits let's get started I will tell you guava is fat cutter yes because Goa contains 0% carbohydrates but guava contains 1% of sugar but sugar is very important for our health and control our BP so Goa is best for health now.

 I will tell you guava contains vitamin e and c. and also iron this nutrition was very important for our health was very cheap fruit everyone can buy this without any issue there is a benefits of guava now I will tell you what's the disadvantage of guava.

Disadvantages of guava

Guava have also disadvantages because everything have to faces one is good and second is bad like guava. Guava is good for health.

but if you eat too much guava at the night so you have pain in your stomach because guava release some bacterias sometimes this bacteria,

 was good but if you over eat and you eat guava so you have a big problem in your stomach not my point because this is very important for everyone. A big thing in Guava this is only 6 month fruit we are not eat in 12 month.

 this is season wise fruit children like too much guava, because this is very juicy and with lot of sugar but this is not good for children's health because they release some bacterias. I always tell you over eating is very bad limitless is good for health.

Can we eat guava during pregnancy

Guava is contain with Vitamin c guava is it delectable fruit native to Central America guava is a good for pregnancy,

but guava product was not good please hear my point this information is from my hour experience. before applying this please talk with you doctor because human body have too much diseases.

 so I will suggest you please talk to a doctor and take guava in the book is knowledge guava is a good they also relief in our digestive system.

Gaining weight with guava

Yes you can also add guava in your meal but remember that guava have small part of zero carbohydrates.

 if you are in gaining weight so you can eat guava but remember my point they have 0% carbohydrates. if you want more carbohydrates, so please drink the milk and take a banana in your mail this is best for you.

Some points about guava

  • Ad in weight lose.
  • Help in cold and cough.
  • May help with menstruation pain.
  • Guava helps boost your immunity.
  • Help to manage blood circulations.
  • manage sugar level.
  • Best solution for tooth aches.
  • Guava helps women during pregnancy.
  • Help in eyesight.

I will tell you about guava everything about guava nutrition's irons vitamins and all about. because I will provide all information to you.

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 why I will give you all about information how to look good how to take diet about everything you must read all the articles at my website because I am 24 and 7 available for your help thank you if you like this information so please share with your friends and family members we will meet you at the next article thank you again


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